The pick and packing fulfillment process stars as soon as your order is received.  Our experienced personnel will find the proper quantities of each product from its respective location in the warehouse and will choose which box will be the most appropriate choice for the order at hand.  Finally, the package is labeled and shipped to the end customer.  We guarantee that we will process your orders quickly and with a high accuracy rate.  Our service details:

• Only durable goods are accepted for this service

• We do not transport alcohol, smoking stuff, cigarettes or cigar, condoms or any other material prohibited by law

• Flexible agreements: packaging materials can be supplied by the customer or by Apolo Express

• Prompt response, we will do our best effort to pick, pack and deliver your order within the next 24 working hours from the order is received

• COD Service available at no extra charge for checks and money orders, cash up to $40 dollars


To speak with one of our Service Representative
Please Call 787-982-2334 



Our Pick and Packing Delivery Area: All Puerto Rico except Maricao.




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